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Osintseva-Raevskaya Ekaterina Anatol'evna, Postgraduate student, I. Kant Baltic Federal University (14 A. Nevskogo street, Kaliningrad, Russia),

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Background. Despite a great number of works devoted to the study of A. S. Pushkin’s literary activities, the principles of the use of the lexico-semantic field “colour” in the poet’s aesthetic system have not gained due recognition and understanding. The present article considers the functioning of colour terms and the specificity of their representation in the artistic space of A. S. Pushkin’s fairy tales from the perspective of the cognitive approach to the study of linguistic facts.
Materials and methods. Fairy tales of A. S. Pushkin served as the research mate-rial. The methodological potential included the structural and semantic method and elements of contextual and component analyses.
Results. A solid selection of colour terms used in the fairy tales demonstrates the poet’s wide range of expressive means and distinguishes the most common ones. The classification of colouronims aimed at revealing the poet’s individual system of dividing the real world on the basis of lexical and semantic criteria and co-occur-rence is presented. On the basis of the principle of constructing verbal associative network, the most frequently used colouronims have been considered.
Conclusions. The analysis of A. S. Pushkin’s fairy tales has revealed that the specificity of the writer’s colour symbolism consists in simultaneous use of primary and secondary meanings of colouronims adding profoundness and expressiveness to the narrative.

Key words

colour term, colour image, colouronim, axiological category.

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